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To our valued customers,

We regret to inform you that we will not be able to continue mobile grooming service while the van is under construction. The company we had intended to rent a mobile salon from has reneged on their promise at the 11th hour. We are extremely disappointed, and offer our sincerest apologies. Please email with any questions or concerns.


Although we cannot confirm that we will have a van, we do have some options for you to ensure your appointments between April 1st and June 30th will continue:

  1. In-Home Service: We have limited space for some clients to be booked for grooming appointments in their own home. We will require use of the bathroom or utility room with a sink or tub large enough for your pup to be bathed in. Another requirement is room for a grooming table and access to an electrical outlet. Pricing will be consistent with the menu effective April 1st. These appointments may require extra time to unload grooming supplies and clean up after.

If you are interested in in-home service, please follow this link:

2. We will still be doing our nail trim pop-ups! We will have a bare rental van with battery lights and portable equipment in order to keep these going. Services include nail trims, paw pad trims, gland expressions, ear cleaning, and sanitary trims. Here is where you can find us:

  1. Sundays 3-6pm @ Lowercase & Great Notion Brewing (Georgetown)

  2. Mondays 6-9pm @ Dogwood Play Park (Lake City)

  3. Wednesdays 6-9pm @ Lucky Envelope Brewing (Ballard)

  4. Thursdays 6-9pm @ Burke Gilman Brewing (Laurelhurst)

  5. Downtown Seattle pop-ups April-September will feature a different park each month. 

  6. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates: @furfightersgrooming


If you are not interested in these options, we highly recommend reaching out to local salons for an appointment or to get on their waitlist. We are still actively trying to find a van or salon table to rent, but can make no promises at this time.


**If we DO end up with a mobile partner willing to help, we will happily reach out to all of you once more via text.**


We value all of our clients and hope you will stick with us during this difficult time. We completely understand if you need services elsewhere, and we appreciate the time that you have spent with Fur Fighters. Once the remodel is complete, we will reach back out to see if you need an appointment.


**TO RECAP: Beginning April 1st the mobile salon will be closed for renovations. If we do find another mobile salon to rent, we will reach out!**


Thank you for your patience and support.


The Fur Fighters Team


To our valued c

          Please read all updates below and email INFO@FURFIGHTERSGROOMING.COM with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

          Fur Fighters Mobile is UPGRADING!! The mobile salon will be under construction beginning April 1st. Upgrades will include a renovated salon, new electric system, and conversion of the system to battery power. Once complete, we will no longer require electricity at the houses we service.
          These upgrades are essential to continuing our mobile business and we ask for your patience while we sort out a plan for continuing grooming service for the 2-3 months our van is away.
          We will send another text message to all clients as soon as the plan for this period of time is finalized.

          In addition to the changes with the mobile salon, changes to our pricing menu will be implemented beginning April 1st, 2023.
          The cost of doing business has gone up significantly over the past two years. Increases in the cost of gas, shampoos, tool maintenance, and the minimum wage have led us to require an increase in our basic groom pricing.
          We would also like to recognize the training and growth our team has done throughout the past three years. Professional development is extremely important to us, and those investments need to be honored through our staff pay.
          This will be the first time our basic grooming price will be increased since opening our
company in 2020. Commute fees, nail trims, haircuts, matting removal, and de-shed fees will not be affected by this increase.

          Thank you for your continued business and we look forward to seeing your pup again soon!

-The Fur Fighters Team


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