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We bring dog grooming to your doggie door!  

The van was designed for large breeds, but any dog is welcome.

Your dog is special, don't they deserve their OWN SALON?

Bringing the Fight to you!


Our mission has always been to make grooming and care as comfortable as possible for dogs. 

Our company started in Seattle, WA.  We began with providing service to dogs in luxury apartment complexes equipped with dog spas.  During COVID closures, when many salons were closed, we met Buffy, a large, black labradoodle. Her body was badly matted, she needed help. We went to her home and other canine residents also received the care they needed.  It was at that moment that we realized the grooming experience can be much less stressful when we come to - the dogs!

We've regularly worked with over thirty apartment complexes since the birth of Fur Fighters in June of 2020. However, not all pooches have dog spas in their home.  In 2022, we expanded our service and mission to come to dogs and their owners. 

Our mobile grooming van is fully equipped to serve your four-legged best friend steps away from their door.

Apartment Takeovers

Is there a dog spa in your apartment community?

Fur Fighters' Pop-Up Shops are available!

* Flat Rate:

Book an 8 hour day with a Fur Fighter for a flat rate. Residents sign up for 1-hour time slots.

* Salon Rate:

Schedule a Fur Fighter day where residents can book for their needs.

* To book your apartment community a visit by the Fur Fighters, email

... Stress Free Grooming Services


Save Time with Our Van!

Our mobile grooming van is the perfect solution for busy pet owners.

Say goodbye to long hours at the salon and hello to convenience. Our experienced groomers, who have worked in salons before, will come to your doorstep and provide personalized grooming services just 25 feet away from your door. This is especially beneficial for anxious dogs or those who don't do well in cars.

Experience the ease and comfort of our mobile grooming van today!

Announcements & Evets
Apartment Visits

Nails N Ales



Follow up on Instagram to see where the van is popping up next.


We work with local breweries and treat shops to offer easy walk-in services for your pup while you shop or have a beer. 


Yappy Hour

Yappy Hour


Bored one day during COVID shutdowns, I decided to take all of the dog ingredients in the house and make mock-tails. 

What came out was a hit, we started doing themed parties for all of our 4 legged friends.

My background is in Hospitality so making the drinks came natural to me, the dogs went bonkers. Goat's milk, bone broth, bacon dust, pumpkin purée, peanut butter, coconut milk, and other ingredients were used in the mixology.

Doberman Illustration _edited.png


Contact Us

Contact Us

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